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“The mission of Sympathetic Innovations is to harness the innovation and experience of America’s former operators in a collaborative company that creates the best counter-IED training devices available. Our aim is to improve the instructor’s ability to create realistic training at the lowest levels with flexible systems that allow on-the-fly adaptation and creativity."

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Access to Sympathetic Innovations robust .STL library, intel updates and quaterly newsletter.

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    Sympathetic Innovations takes pride in providing faster products & services at competitive prices and free from the standard procurement processes.

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    Our training devices are designed & manufactured by US Military veterans with ample experience for the strict use of US government only.

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    What we offer

    3D Printing

    We produce in-house 3D prints per client's request.

    Product Design

    We create 3D designs for optimum manufacturing in FDM methodology.

    Training Aids

    We design and produce effective CIED training products.

    PCB Isolation Milling

    We can create custom in-house PCBs per client's request.

    Technical Support

    For help with 3D printing and CIED training, we're ready to assist you.

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    Installation: We will deliver reliable printers and setup a ready-to-print workspace.

    Training: We provide initial start-up training and subsequent refresher training on equipment & software.

    Documentation: Quick-start guides with concise explanations and step by step video tutorials.

    Design/Build: We can accommodate custom orders for new 3D products.

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